The Portland African American Leadership Forum helps our Black community imagine the alternatives we deserve and build our civic participation and leadership to achieve those alternatives.


The Portland African American Leadership Forum envisions a world where people of African descent, enjoy the rights, resources and recognition to be a thriving, resilient and connected community.


Black Queer Feminist. 

What is a Black Queer Feminist Lens?

The Black Queer Feminist (BQF) is a political theory and practice developed out of Black feminist and LGBTQ movements for liberation. Together, this praxis (thought + action) is like putting on a pair of glasses in order to understand the conditions of Black people and what we must transform in order to liberate all oppressed people. Lenses, of any kind, impact how we see the world. They magnify, protect, and clarify.

The BQF gives a more holistic understanding of our conditions and connectedness as Black people. As a result, we understand that liberation for all Black people can only be realized by lifting up the voices, experiences and prioritizing the issues of historically silenced and vulnerable groups within Black communities – specifically, queer, trans and GNC, femme, poor, disabled, working and undocumented people. Simply put, it means that as organizers we have to take Fannie Lou Hamer’s words seriously: “Nobody is free until everybody is free.”

- language courtesy of BYP100.