Housing Committee


Housing is the most basic element of rootedness, and too many Black households are precarious in their homes. Stabilized housing is the basis for community-building and revitalization for Black neighborhoods from the North to the Numbers.

We engage the Black community, housing professionals, policymakers, and advocates by inviting them to collaborate, provide consulting, resources, and facilitate connections.

We address the impact of city, county, regional and state’s aspirations to alleviate housing discrimination.

We seek to increase affordable housing within city boundaries and to stabilize the equitable allocations of housing funds.

We coordinate programmatic and policy strategies to address the housing impacts of gentrification on our community.

We advocate to end Black displacement, gentrification, and community instability; to support Black home-buying and intergenerational wealth building; to stabilize and protect Black renters; to build Black cooperative ownership; and to create community development by and for Black people. (PAALF People’s Plan, Housing Section, 2017)