It all started in 2007...

The Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) is one of the national African American Leadership Forums created out of Minnesota’s African American Leadership Forum established in 2007.

The African American Leadership Forum is a movement of African American leaders and stewards across six metropolitan areas – the Twin Cities, Portland, Seattle, Des Moines, Philadelphia, and Tacoma – that is committed to the revitalization and sustainability of a vibrant African American community. We are united in the belief that we can do more together than separately. We recognize that in order to achieve enduring, positive, change in our communities we need a truly transformative agenda; one that is exciting and fresh; one that challenges the status quo and changes the game.

PAALF was established in 2009 by a Steering Committee of 20 local African American leaders with significant professional experience in advocacy, social services, government affairs, fundraising, economic development, public education and health care.