Health Committee


Black Portlanders deserve parity in health and life outcomes. Improving the health of the Black community means that the social, structural, economic, and environmental factors that lead to improving inequities within our community must all continue to be addressed.

We engage the Black community, health professionals, policymakers, and advocates by inviting them to collaborate, provide consulting, resources, and facilitate connections.

We affirm that governmental and community-based responses to health inequities the Black community involve community input and leadership, match community priorities, and are culturally relevant and respectful.

We understand community priorities through qualitative data collection and analyzing what the data says about Black health inequities.

We advocate that health is a fundamental building block of individual and community well-being because health is shaped by our environment and surroundings, improving Black people’s health means that we need a comprehensive approach through policies, programs, and projects. We must target institutional structures that produce our urban living conditions, with an explicit emphasis on neighborhoods where Black folks live. (PAALF People’s Plan, Health Section, 2017)