Education Committee


Young Black people deserve an education that prepares them to thrive and to lead.

We engage the Black community, education professionals, policymakers, and advocates by inviting them to collaborate, provide consulting, resources, and facilitate connections.

We address a range of issues across the education continuum, from K-12 to postsecondary education.

We affect change in many areas of need. In the past, PAALF’s Education Committee focused on the areas of enforcement of the Minority Teacher Act. We worked to correct the disproportionate number of expulsions and suspensions of African American children, particularly boys, from local school systems.

We advocate to increase the number of qualified Black teachers and administrators and support all teachers through culturally responsive classroom management. We demand an increasing number of Black students who are represented in Talented and Gifted (TAG) programs. We seek to provide schools with the support needed to be proactive and take creative approaches to disciplining students to end push-out of Black students, and to develop a partnership with Black professionals to encourage mentorship with Black professionals (of all trades and occupations) for youth in 6th-12th grade. (PAALF People’s Plan, Education Section, 2017)