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Black Women Taking Charge | Achieving Meaningful Progress on Pay Equity

  • The Riveter - Portland 501 Southeast 14th Avenue Portland, OR 97214 USA (map)
black women taking charge portland.jpeg

On Black Women's Equal Pay Day, The Riveter is partnering with Portland African American Leadership Forum, Black United Fund of Oregon and area leaders to draw attention to pay equity for black women at work. Join us to hear from a powerhouse of black philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and advocates at the top of their fields and the charge for equal pay. Our speakers will share wisdom on how to strategically advocate for your own career advancement and what concrete steps everyone can take to close the pay and equity gap. 

Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day that marks the point in the year at which women's earnings will finally “catch up” to what men earned in the previous year alone. This year, April 2nd signified how far women collectively needed to work into 2019 to catch up to what men were paid in 2018. Because Black women face an even larger wage gap, they need to work until August 22, 2019, to match what men earned the previous year, representing a 39% pay gap. Regardless of their occupation, level of education, or years of experience, black women are still paid less. The time for change is now.


Attendees will have the opportunity to experience, view and purchase PAALF’s Albina Queens photo project. This project celebrates those who claim, reclaim and/or disrupt traditional constructs of Black femininity in its many forms. The images captured mark an occasion where Black women/femmes were seen, counted, loved and valued. This in and of itself is a political act.

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