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Pan African Festival 2018

Oregon’s second-annual festival celebrates the presence, resilience, strength, and influence of Pan Africans (Africans, Caribbean and African Americans) in Oregon. We believe the festival is a cultural vehicle to galvanize, mobilize and empower Diaspora Africans in Oregon. It is a springboard to community capacity building, to increase understanding within and between communities and to stimulate dialogue and increase awareness and sensitivity. This vision is captured in our theme of: Experience The Culture.

Beyond the day of the festival itself, we will also engage in a variety of community development dialogues and events year-round with local community-based organizations to help inspire Diaspora African finding lasting solutions for sustainable future.

Our core purposes:

  • Present rich, diverse and distinctive Pan African (Africans, Caribbean’s and African Americans) cultural performances and histories, and affirm Pan African people as historic agents

  • Increase recognition of the presence of African, Caribbean and African American communities in Oregon and raise awareness of their contributions to the state

  • Create networks within and between and Pan African communities and stimulate awareness and dialogue between communities

  • Combine the diversity in the Black African, Caribbean and African American community within a Pan African Framework to achieve Pan African unity

  • Educate the community about the skills that are needed to participate in finding sustainable solutions to the local issues that concern them to achieve sustainable future for all blacks in Oregon

  • Enhance and achieve awareness and sensitivity to Pan African (African, Caribbean and African American) cultures and bring people together to celebrate and reconnect with their roots

  • Enable a platform to showcase Pan African entrepreneurship