Economic Development Committee


Black communities have the right to economic opportunities that build multigenerational wealth and reinforce our talents and contributions in all industries and disciplines throughout Portland. Our communities deserve bold shifts in economic policy in order to require the resources necessary to build healthy lives, families, and prosperous communities.

We engage the Black community, economic development professionals, policymakers, and advocates by inviting them to collaborate, provide consulting, resources, and facilitate connections.

We address a range of issues across the economic development spectrum, from the Black unemployment rate, minority contracting disparities, increasing access to capital for Black-owned businesses, to funding analyses to ensure equitable allocation of resources among public entities.

We advocate to increase the number of jobs and job access for Black workers; to holistically support Black-owned businesses, from startups to established enterprises; to support financial literacy in our community; to implement anti-poverty strategies that assist working families, including family leave and quality affordable child care; to ensure equitable access to public contracting to end gentrifying investments; and to create a strong jobs program that focuses on the creation of good jobs, extensive training for those seeking work, and the full acceptance of formerly incarcerated people back into society. (PAALF People’s Plan, Economic Development Section, 2017)