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Albina queens Photo Project

This photography project celebrates those who claim, reclaim and/or disrupt traditional constructs of black femininity in its many forms. The images we will capture will mark an occasion where black women/femmes were seen, counted, loved and valued. This in and of itself is a political act.

The black women/femmes we are seeking represent a wide spectrum of difference (trans women, non-binary femmes, femmes, cis women, youth, elderly, people with a range of abilities — and everything and everyone in between).  It is in this spectrum where we find the beauty and power of black people.

The photographs will focus on bringing out the natural vibrancy and radiance of black skin and the rich traditions of head wraps. Head wraps have a deep and complex history from their use as tools of oppression to literal crowns. This piece of fabric represents the resilience, resourcefulness and creativity that black women/femmes have employed as a method of survival and self-empowerment for centuries.