PAALF’s Black Leadership Academy formerly known as African American Leadership Academy acts as a framework to guide a group of transformative Black leaders. The year-long training program addresses personal, cultural, civic and professional needs of emerging Black leaders in Portland. Above all else, PAALF works to foster leaders who hold a lifelong commitment to fighting for racial justice and lasting change in the Black community.

The Leadership Academy centers on fellowship, mentorship, and project-based learning. Participants explore what it means to be a transformative Black leader through the historical context of the African Diaspora. The program is designed to provide specific skills necessary to actualize leadership in everyday work in the community.

The Leadership is simply one part of a larger solution to our movement’s need for a network of training opportunities for the next generation of Black leaders. While this is a program that trains the individual, the Academy is truly about advancing the needs of the collective. Each of our Leadership fellows brings with them a unique identity, skill set, experience, educational and professional background. Each participant was chosen for their ongoing commitment to creating community change and a tireless fight for racial justice. PAALF has faith in their ability to achieve this change and is committed to supporting them in their ongoing development as a leader in Portland.


What are transformative Black Leaders?

Transformative Black Leaders understand the change that is required not just within broader society to
address the needs of Black people, but the dismantling of internalized oppression within ourselves. Led
by a vision of a prosperous healthy community, transformative leaders can navigate the process of
change, understanding its phases and tending to the needs of both the hearts and minds of the
community. Transformative Black Leaders are able to bridge gaps and work across differences. In
owning their personal failings, they maintain humility, and commit to a lifelong learning journey. They
lift as they climb, and own their responsibility as a steward of prior and future generations.
Transformative Black Leaders are compassionate healers, strategic organizers, and grounded visionaries.


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